Monday, May 18, 2009

Opening Day Alt Update

Well it's approximately six weeks into baseball season, the Cubs are in second place in their division, 1.5 games out, and I opened a bottle of Opening Day Alt over the weekend. It's much better than it was April 5th when the season started. It has cleared up completely, and the bitterness has mellowed to the point where it is just about perfect. I wish I had bottled some in 12 ouncers, because this beer is competition worthy, although it propably would get dinged a few points for my choice of hops. It just goes to show that patience is rewarded in this crazy hobby we call homebrewing. Never rush your beer--now if I can only listen to my own advice.

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  1. Hola, Senor. Many thanks for your informative feedback; and, for following my blog. As a novice (blogger and brewer), I appreciate all I can get (followers and advice). By the way, I love your labels - you've inspired me to (someday) make the leap from black and white to full-color photography...