Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Follow Ups

This is just a quick follow up to some previous posts:

1) I don't need to buy new kegs. Steve Hamburg from my brew club, The Chicago Beer Society, gave me 3 kegs that he no longer uses. I gave him approximately 3 gallons of my Toasted Coconut Porter in return.

2) I haven't yet sent my B.U.Z.Z. brewoff entries. They're packaged up and ready to ship tomorrow; I hope they get there by June 1st. I cut the entries down to 4. I didn't have time to bottle the Tripel, and the Toasted Oatmeal Lager got drank up at a Memorial Day Cookout. (I actually saved enough to bottle a couple, but the travel faucet that I left on the keg opened up on the ride home, dousing the back seat, and not leaving me enough for a competition entry.)

More about the new kegs to follow.

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