Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Noble Square Brewing is moving!

Yes, that is right Brewbuds, Señor Brew™ is packing up the brewery and moving it about an hour north of its current location, to beautiful, wonderful, beautiful Thousand Oaks.

One of the first things Señor Brew™ did was to check out the water in the new location.  As you can see from this water report, the water looks mighty fine for brewing.  He hasn't run it through a water spreadsheet yet, but it looks like for most styles he'll be able to use it right out of the tap, after treating it for chloramines, and adding some calcium for yeast health.

The new location has natural gas piped out to a built in grill in the back yard, so Señor Brew™ should be able to use his amazing wok burner.  I believe that there are electric outlets in the same spot, so he can use his electric HLT heater as well.  Señor Brew™ can't wait to get the first brew in the new place going--probably a session ale, something that can be fermented out quickly to be ready for the housewarming party.

Then, just for fun, Señor Brew™ decided to look up who some of his neighbors might be.  According to this wikipedia article, notable current and former residents include Megan Fox!  I doubt she still lives there, but if by some chance Señor Brew™ runs into her, he will be sure to invite her over to give her a tour of the brewery and show her the keg named after her.  Then he'll tap that (keg).