Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Name My Kegs!!

Now that I've acquired some new (used) kegs, I decided that I need names for all of them. I'm naming them because I want to be able to differentiate among them. I've had some problems with leakage, and more recently a couple of my beers have acquired a bit of sourness after being kegged, so I want to eventually upgrade all the gaskets. poppets and O-rings, just not all at once.
Of course I could just number them, but I figure that it might be easier to remember that Moe Szyslak needs new O-rings and Homer Simpson has a suspect poppet vs. keg 2 and 6 needed the aforementioned parts. Plus, home brewing is a fun hobby! There are already enough numbers involved, O.G. F.G. AA%, IBUs, SRM, etc.

So I now have six five gallon kegs. I need six names. If it were four it would be easy--no not John, Paul, George and Ringo, but Robert, Jimmy, John Paul, and Bonzo. (I never was a huge Beatles fan). I could go with fictional characters like from the Simpsons above, or real people names like the guys from Led Zeppelin, or colors, or you name it. In fact, YOU NAME IT! Yes, I am looking for suggestions from my readers. All eight of them.

So please leave suggestions in the comments. The winner gets some home brew.


  1. This idea is not my own, but I toured Capital Brewery in Madison last month, and their fermenters were all named after Frank Zappa song titles - Redunzel, Heavy Duty Judy, Magdalena...

    A complete list of his song titles are listed at:

    A few other I like are: Willie The Pimp, Uncle Remus, Stink Foot, and Mary Lou.

    Anyway, seemed like a good idea at the time.


  2. I'd go with Cheers characters. Let's face it, is there a better group of regulars on earth then those guys? So I submit,


    I do like the idea of picking a band and naming 'em after their songs since there are far more options that way.



  3. You are a Jerky Boys fan. Go with

    Frank Rizzo
    Tarbash (the Egyptian Magician)
    Jack Tors

  4. Perhaps two three piece bands.

    Cream: Jack, Eric, Ginger
    These could represent old styles of brew


    Green Day: Bill Joe, Mike, Tre
    punk brewed in your face, I don't give a f**k beers

  5. Wow, the Jerky Boys bring back memories...

    Sticking on the music theme, you could do Zeppelin albums, though I suppose names like "II" and "III" are less than inspiring. Or maybe don't limit yourself to a single artist; just pick any ol' album you like. That way, if you pick up more kegs, you'll never run out of options. And let's face it, you know you want "Like a Virgin" and "Cold As Ice" on your kegs.

  6. Oh, and I already called dibs on the Simpsons-themed kegs: (scroll down to the second-to-last paragraph).

  7. So that's where I got the idea for naming my kegs! I know I read that post--sorry to steal your idea, Russ, although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (I didn't make that up--I read that somewhere too). I'll give credit where credit is due in the post where I announce a winner.

  8. Screw credit--I just want beer!!! Oh, and I'd definitely like to talk more about the split-batch porter idea... I just got distracted by my trip to Scotland. ;-)