Friday, January 14, 2011

Brew Stand!

Señora Brew™ must have read the Christmas wish list post because she got Señor Brew™ some wire shelving for Christmas for his brewery!  Actually, she probably didn't read the last post, she might have gotten upset about the sexy Santa's helpers comment and put coal in Señor Brew™'s stocking instead.

So above is the photo of the new Noble Square Brewing setup--I used the shelving to create a 3 tier stand.  I have slightly modified it since the photo was taken, substituting an iron stand for the cinder blocks under the kettle.  I was getting some soot from an incomplete burn from the burners adjacent to the cinder blocks--they weren't drawing in enough air.  Now it's open to all sides, no soot and quick boils.  I brewed my Superbowl Stout on the system, and it was so easy.  No more lifting a full mash tun to a higher level so it can drain in the kettle.

You can see the natural gas burner under the brew kettle.  I ran a final test and it brought 12 gallons of water from 60F up to boiling in 38 minutes.  Fast!  In fact that's faster than the Blichmann Engineering top tier burner, and they're using propane (which burns hotter than natural gas).  I have to say, I'm very happy with this burner and system.  Thank you Señora Brew™!