Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fat Weasel Ale

So I thought I would critique a beer that I found in my fridge. I didn't buy it, it was just there. I wrote this kind of stream of consciousness, although influenced by the BJCP reports I get back from the competitions I enter with my homebrew. Enjoy.

Appearance: Pale golden, medium white head, crystal clear.

Aroma: buttery, slight corn and malt aroma, no discernable hop aroma.

Flavor: very slightly bitter, buttery, hint of malty sweetness, a little corny (DMS),very little neutral hop flavor.

Head persists, mouthfeel medium, dry finish, alcohol warmth, upper medium carbonation.

Alcohol 7.1% by volume.

Not my favorite beer--too much diacetly (buttery, butterscotch) and one dimensional in flavor. You also sense the alcohol burn.

If I had to catagorize it, I would call it a strong cream ale or malt liquor?

Steinhaus Brewing, New Ulm, MN.

Beer advocate had it listed as an American Strong Ale. I'm guessing the wifey picked it up at Trader Joe's, because that's where everybody on Beer Advocate mentioned they got it from.

Would I attempt to clone it in a homebrew version? No.