Monday, February 9, 2009

Your Sister's Mustache

This beer is the cream ale version of "Your Mother's Mustache", which is my rice based take on the original "Your Father's Mustache".

Your Sister's Mustache (about 3 gallons)

3rd runnings from YMM's mash
1.75lbs Dry light malt extract
1 oz Sterling Hops
Wyeast American Ale

Hop Schedule
.5 oz Sterling 60 minutes
.3 oz Sterling 10 minutes
.2 oz Sterling 0 minutes

Easy, just like your sister.
O.G. 1.049

Ferment for at least a week around 65F.

1 comment:

  1. You take that back about my sister!

    Glad to hear things went smoothly despite my absence. I feel bad ditching out on two beer-related events in a row... I guess the pressure will be on to make whatever get-together lies ahead (assuming I'm still invited!). Oh, and I swear 75% of my mashes run long because I'm too slow on getting the mash water ready, so I feel your pain.