Sunday, February 1, 2009

"How's your bock doing?"

Ben asked about my bock in the comment section of the last post, like he was asking about a member of my family. That's the great thing about the homebrewing community, it's like one big happy family.

Well Ben, and the four other readers of this blog, my bock is doing just fine. I brought it upstairs to the brew closet yesterday for a diacetyl rest. Probably a little late for that, since it has been sitting in primary for 30 days, but who knows, maybe there's a little fermentation to finish out at higher temps. I roused the yeast just by jostling the carboy as I carried it up the stairs. Note to self, find a way to not carry 11 gallons of beer in heavy glass carboys up stairs.

Once I free up some kegs, probably today at my Superbowl party, I'll rack it to the kegs, and lager it in the kegerator for 6 weeks. That means my Johann Sebastian Bock will be ready in time for the birthdate of its namesake.


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  2. Sounds good! You will have to keep us posted on how it tastes in 6 weeks or so.

  3. One day I'll get into making lagers. For now, my homebrews are all ales. I'll also have to do like Senor Brew here and keg my beer. All in due time though.

    Senor Brew >> enjoy your superbowl party.