Saturday, January 10, 2009

Change of plans

OK, so the LHBS was out of pilsner malt. Can you believe it? It's a brewing staple and they were out. Oh well, they say necessity is the mother of invention. In this case it was scarcity, but regardless, I improvised. I bought up a bunch of vienna and munich malt and am now making a traditional bock instead of the maibock I made the shopping list for below.

I like to prep stuff ahead of time, hence the starter already going. I also ground the grain tonight, and have my hot liquor tun full of water that I've already treated with a half of campdem tab to clear up any chlorine or chloramine. It's got an electric heater in it set up to a timer to go off at 5am, so the water will be at strike temperature when I start the mash about 8am. Speaking of the HLT, why is it called that? You never put liquor in it. I think it should be called the hot water tun.

Also, Ben Spiegel asked for some photos in his last comment, so here they are:

Mill with Drill attached

Hot Liquor Tank

Closeup of the electric heater

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  1. Digging the pictures. Excited to hear how it turns out.