Friday, January 2, 2009

Airlocks are bubbling!

All three carboys of Superbowl stout are fermenting nicely. The two that reused the yeast cakes from my last batch, Hotspur mild, began activity within 4 hours of pitching, so maybe there's no need to add wort to cakes the day of brewing.

The basement is a little cold for ales right now, so I placed two of the carboys in my homebrew closet. I have to figure out what do with the third; it's sitting on the kitchen counter right now with a sweatshirt over it to block the light.

I also need to take inventory and buy some grain. I used up the last of my 2-row in the stout. There's a malster on the south side of Chicago that sells 55 lb bags for a good price, but they're only open during the week 9-5, and it's pretty far. I might just order from Midwest Supplies over the internet.

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