Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nice Jugs!

Señor Brew™ mentioned in the last post that he has acquired some new equipment for the brewery, including these two nice shiny new jugs, I mean kegs. These were purchased from Adventures in Homebrewing on a black Friday sale for the low, low price of $69.99 each. Señor Brew™ just checked their website and they're currently on sale for that same price.

Señor Brew™ has taken to brewing some smaller batches, and splitting bigger batches, so these jugs will come in handy for holding a smaller quantity of delicious malty hoppy frothy goodness. They are listed at 2.5 gallons, but Señor Brew™ noticed that they hold slightly more. So of course, being the curious sort, he measured them. They're actually 10 liter kegs, or 2.64 US gallons. This makes sense, since they are manufactured in China.

They stack if you don't have fittings on them, which is great if you're lagering beer in a separate fridge.  They would probably stack with fittings with a small spacer in between. The posts are smaller than a standard corny keg, as is the "nut" part of the post-so you'll need a smaller socket than the 7/8" for regular cornys. I'm guessing it's 3/4", although it might be metric. Unlike a regular corny, there is room to swing a box end wrench on the posts; I just used an adjustable wrench to tighten them, which is why I'm not sure of the size.

The reviews I have read of them were mainly positive, although there have been some complaints of leaking at the posts--something those reviewers easily fixed with a new o-ring. I have not encountered any problems, although I have not been using them that long. You do have to tip them to the beer out side when you get to the bottom of the keg to empty them completely. The existing Noble Square Brewing kegs have had leaks from time to time--which is why Señor Brew™ has named them, to differentiate them and to make sure they are properly maintained.

Because the kegs need proper maintenance and care, Señor Brew™ has named his kegs after actresses and supermodels. So now BrewBuds, we need names for these new kegs. Some names that come to mind are Kate:

and Kate:

The problem is that Señor Brew™ already has a keg named Kate:

Please leave any suggestions for names in the comments section. You can include links to photos if you think it will help, but please none to weird Asian "sites" like I used to get randomly in the comments section of this blog before I started moderating them. Existing keg names are in this post.

Also, Señor Brew™ has no affiliation with Adventures in Homebrewing or the manufacturers of these kegs, and he has received no compensation to review the kegs or link to the A in H site. Although now that he thinks about it, he's going to send them this blog post--maybe they'll send him a coupon or something, especially if they like the name Kate.

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