Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Let's take Kaley to the Bar for a Bock

Hello Brewbuds! In a recent post dated April 1, 2014, Señor Brew™ asked for help in naming his new kegs. Apparently, most of you thought it was an elaborate April Fool's Day prank because the post got only one response, from our new favorite Brewbud, Soppen.

Señor Brew™ was serious! We need to name these kegs--recap, Señor Brew™ names his kegs for models and actresses, because like homebrew kegs, they are high maintenance. Also, he gets to do research looking at photos of pretty kegs. While Señor Brew™ was sitting patiently at his laptop waiting for comments it occurred to him that he could just go with his two original Kate picks, using their last names to avoid any confusion with his other keg Kate. The problem with this is that Señor Brew™ also attaches the type of beer the keg holds along with the keg name to the top of the keg. One of the Kates is named Bock.  This could cause some confusion.  For those BrewBuds that just read this blog for the pretty keg pictures--I'll explain. There is a type of beer called Bock.

So we are going to go with Soppen's pick "Kaley" for one of the kegs (photo above). I always pictured Kaley as more of the girl-next-door type, and not at all high maintenance, maybe because she is on the small screen, but let's hope that holds true and these new kegs work out well. It also doesn't hurt that Kaley is a resident of Ventura county where Noble Square Brewing is located. Soppen wins the internets, and as many pints of Noble Square Brewing beer he can drink in a 24 hour period (must be present to collect). Since he lives in Norway, Señor Brew™ is not that concerned about this--although apparently Soppen wears medieval armor and weapons, so if he came to collect, he would definitely get his brew.


Señor Brew™ is going to name the other keg "Bar" to go with his precedent for naming some kegs after internationally known supermodels. Plus her name worked out well for the play on words for the title of this post.

For those Brewbuds that actually read this blog for the articles, don't worry, we'll have some new posts about equipment, recipes, techniques, and competitions posted soon. In the meantime, read this other recent post about a new slogan for Noble Square Brewing--we want your suggestions! You too could win the internets, and free homebrew from Noble Square Brewing (must be present to collect).

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  1. Nice! One day, I may come to collect my price some day :-)