Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Named My Kegs!!

Thank you all for your suggestions on naming my kegs. It turns out that I got the idea originally from reading a post on Russ Chibes' blog. I have to admit I filed it in my subconscious and forgot about it--even down to the part about the Simpson's characters. My only excuse is that sometimes I drink home brew while reading other home brew blogs.

But anyway, the idea for the names was right in front of me all along. Corny kegs need constant attention. They're high maintenance. You constantly have to buy things for them. They're not rock musicians...O.K. maybe lead singers. But still, here are the names for all my kegs:







Again, Brew Buds, thank you for all your suggestions. I mentioned that the winning suggestion gets homebrew. Since I picked my own idea, you all get homebrew. If you commented on the original post before today and you are local, I will give you home brew the next time I see you. If you're not in Chicago, email me at SeñorBrew (no tilde on the "n") at gmail dot com. Obviously you have to reformat that yourself--I don't want to be spammed.


  1. Very nice! I'm sure the kegs are just as pretty when filled with home made beer. I think that picture of Scarlett deserves it's own unique style of brew at all times. Happy brewing!

  2. For the record, I stole the idea from Capital (who, as I believe somebody noted in response to your initial post, named their fermenters after Zappa albums). Of course, I think many smaller breweries do this (Metropolitan named theirs after Star Trek characters... and inexplicably I still like them) so I think it's less about ripping off and more about being practical. Plus it's fun!

  3. Don't you have the wrong picture with "Heidi"

  4. That is Heidi..

  5. this is an awesome idea, and much sexier than my current naming regime of "f'ng one with the bum gasket","pain in the ass that wont accept the deep socket I bought specifically for it", and "the good one".


  6. I LOVE it...and the assisting photos. You nailed it with cornies. Mega-maintenance. I did read a good tip on HBF's; silicon o-rings on the air side and cheaper Buna on the liquid side (as leakage is clearly visible).