Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Noble Square Brewing Needs a Slogan

Señor Brew™ was sampling a flight at Lengthwise Brewery when he noticed their growlers sitting behind the bar.  He also noticed that they had a slogan, a mantra, philosophy, whatever you want to call it printed on each growler.  You can't read it on the photo to the left, Señor Brew™ and the camera were a little blurry.

Then he thought of other breweries.  Enegren has, “For the glory and the power of beer”, or something like that.  MondayNight Brewing has, “Weekends are overrated.” Another homebrew blog, Holz Brewing, has “For the love of Craft”.  Señor Brew™ and Noble Square Brewing have got nada.  The closest we have gotten to a slogan has been, “It’s Wheaty!” which was printed on the labels of Beat the Heat Wheat.  (It was quite wheaty, which meant it probably didn’t need to have “It’s Wheaty!” printed right on the label, but I digress.)

So Brew Buds, (I think we’re up to 35 of you now), please feel free to leave suggestions for a slogan for Noble Square Brewing in the comments section of this post.  All serious suggestions will be considered, and probably rejected.  All non serious suggestions will get serious consideration, and all considered considerations will be considered serious.
Señor Brew™ will throw out his suggestions for your consideration to start us off:

“It’s fun having beer”.
“Your Ma goes to college”.
“We put the aft in craft”
“Because they’re both marsupials!”
“Gambling is illegal at Bushwood sir, and I never slice.”
“Slogans are for losers, beer is eternal”
“We name our kegs!"

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