Monday, September 14, 2009

Hops Week

It's hops week here at Noble Square Brewing. "Why?" you may ask. Because Señor Brew™ said so. Actually it's for a number of reasons, mainly because I'm going to post about hops all week. So where do we start? Why don't we take inventory of what hops I have on hand for brewing?
I've brewed with some of the hops in the above photo since I took it, but it's a good indication of where we stand at Noble Square Brewing, especially since we're going to add to it with some recently (and soon to be) harvested hops. (That's another reason it's hops week).

So here are the varieties of humulus lupus currently on hand:
Galena 13.1% AA 4 oz.
Williamette 4.8% AA 17 oz.
Simcoe ?? AA 4 oz.
Magnum 10.4% AA 9 oz.
Hallertau 3.0% AA 15 oz.
Tettnanger 3.3% AA 11 oz.

I don't know the alpha acid content of the Simcoe because I traded some Magnum for them with fellow Brew Bud Russ Chibes, and forgot to write down what they were. Maybe he'll comment here and enlighten me. Actually, now that I look at the photo, it's clearly written on the bag that they are 13.5%--it just wore off with the combination of condensation and handling of the bag. The pictured hops that have since been used were an ounce of Centennial and a couple of ounces of Columbus. So that's where I stand, but I have a hop harvest coming soon. Russ, please still feel free to comment on this post.


  1. Well, since you already figured out it's 13.5% AA, I guess the only other comment I have to add is that it's just "Chibe," not "Chibes" (unless you're referring to Leah and I in the plural). Or maybe you meant to use plural like the royal "we." You know, the editorial...

  2. Oops, sorry Russ I will fix it. I misread the placement of the apostrophe in the title of your blog. One Chibe, two Chibes, belonging to two Chibes, "Chibes'"! Actually for this post I'm going to leave it, otherwise your comment won't make sense.

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