Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl Prediction 10-21

Actually, it's not a prediction of the score of Super Bowl XLV  (that's 45 to you non-Romans).  It's not a prediction at all.  It's the final gravity of Noble Square Brewing's Super Bowl Stout--1.021.  If that sounds high to you, keep in mind that this is a milk or sweet stout, with unfermentable lactose (milk sugar, hence the name) added to the brew right at the end of the boil.  It ended up just about where Señor Brew™ wanted it to, with a nice body and residual sweetness.  It got kegged tonight, and is force carbonating under high pressure to be ready for the big game tomorrow.

I took a look at my old Super Bowl Stout recipe, and realized that it was much too roasty for a sweet stout, so it has been reformulated.  I'll have to dig out my notes to find the new recipe, which I'll post later.  In the meantime, if you visited this blog to get an actual Super Bowl prediction, I'll give you one.  We will go with the final gravity, 10-21, Green Bay 10, Pittsburgh 21.  Happy Super Bowl everyone.

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