Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So what do I brew next?

I'm trying to figure out what beer to brew next. I would like to reuse the yeast cake from the dunkel, which means another lager. Maybe a bock or doppelbock? But I also want to make an ale, something that will be ready fairly soon. I could do a split batch, partigyle style, where I use the first runnings for a doppelbock, and the second runnings for? Any ideas out there, brew buds?


  1. I brew ales exclusively so my vote is for you to brew an ale in your next round. I have never done a party gyle but it sounds like a way to have your cake and eat it to. If that is the rout you go, a doppelbock with first runnings, then maybe you could make a hoppy amber ale or some kind of english bitter with the second runnings. My vote is the hoppy (american hops) amber.

  2. Boo doppelbock. Yay Maibock.

    and use the second runnings for a belgian pale ale.

  3. Holz, I've already made an award winning maibock. It took the blue ribbon at last year's Land of the Muddy Waters competition. (Look it up if you want to find Señor Brew™'s secret identity). But I have yet to make a great doppelbock. See the next post in this blog for my decision.