Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bar Keepers Friend

So Bill Pierce over at Brews and Views on the recommends Bar Keepers Friend, a stainless steel scrubby, and some elbow grease to work that corrosion out of my third free keg. Now I just have to find someplace in Chicago that sells it. I looked online, some Ace Hardware Stores had it listed, so I'll see if the local one carries it. I googled an image, it does say "STAINLESS STEEL" at the very top on the label.


  1. I've used it before for cleaning the outside of kegs. Works pretty well. Not sure how it will work on your keg. Kinda hard to get all the way down in there.

    I bought mine at Walmart.

  2. Big fan of BKF - that stuff will clean anything. I bought mine at an Ace.

  3. You can also use Bon Ami, which you can buy at Whole Foods. It's the same sort of canister, but with a little chicken on it.