Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Enegren Brewery

Hello Brew Buds!

Some of you with OCD may have noticed that Señor Brew™ has updated the "What's on Tap" section of the Brew Blog in the sidebar (scroll down, it's on the right). At the top of the list is Enegren Alt, the first guest tap El Kegerator™ has been graced with. Actually that is not true, we've also had Enegren IPA on tap during the Brew Blog hiatus, but nonetheless, Enegren Brewery is the first non Noble Square brew on tap at Casa del Brew™.

"So what is this Enegren Brewery of which you write, Señor Brew™?" I can hear you Brew Buds thinking. (Yes, Señor Brew™ can hear your thoughts as you read this blog, it's part of the high level HTML* programming language incorporated in the site). It is now Señor Brew™'s official local microbrewery. Located in the adjacent town, Moorpark, CA, just 10 minutes away from Noble Square Brewing, they serve up some tasty microbewed deliciousness, including the aforementioned Alt and IPA.

Enegren was founded by a trio of homebrewing buddies who decided to go pro, the Enegren brothers and some other dude who didn't get naming rights because he was outvoted three-to-one. (We think one of the brothers voted twice). They've got a tasting room, which isn't open enough, although they just recently added Wednesday nights. It also doesn't have air conditioning, but if it is really hot in the tasting room, and you ask nicely, they may let you chill in the beer cooler for a while.

Pictured above in the tasting room are Matt Enegren, and his lovely girlfriend/employee Becki Kregoski. Becki actually works for two different local microbreweries, Enegren and Wolf Creek. She also has a great food and brew blog, Bites 'n Brews, which has way more followers than Noble Square Brewing, but Señor Brew™ is not jealous. At all. (Señor Brew™ is also very happy that the HTML* thing only works one way).

*acronym for Hear Thoughts (on) My bLog

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