Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day America!

I'll come out and say it right from the start, I'm cheating by pre-dating this post to the Fourth of July even though it was written about three days later, but I'm feeling guilty about not posting to the blog for over two weeks. So it's going to be one of those quick updates type post. Quick updates:

I brewed a split batch Amber Ale/Vienna Lager on the 3rd of July. Recipe to follow

I still haven't received the scoresheets back from the B.U.Z.Z. Brewoff, but I realize I haven't posted a recipe for my 1st place blue ribbon IPA. Recipe to follow.

I have hired a home-brewery engineer, JL, who has already fixed my leaky counterflow chiller. Our next project: cutting open a sankey keg for use as a hot liqour tank. I'll post photos and/or videos. JL said he is going to use a angle grinder and promised lots of sparks, so a video may be apropos. (He's a nuclear engineer by education--it could get interesting). I pay him in homebrew.

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